hookup- I mean casual dating. Looking for romance in the wrong places. 
Solo Show at Randy Guthmiller Center for the Advancement of the Arts
Themes: rejection, hopeless romance, loneliness
Thoughts: being single during the same time dating apps exist is a different kind of hell. Romance on demand. Casual Dating is so exhausting. Longing for the need of intimacy. invoking insecurities [feeling used, not feeling good enough, abandonment] Hookups SUCK. *insert forever alone meme here*

Statement: This series reflects my relationship with casual dating. The rise and fall of emotions induced by a short lived romance. There’s nothing quite like getting ghosted to make you feel alive… or alone. These pieces are moments of reflections that came with said short romance. The admiration of the human form and secret moments only I get to live. From watching a lover lounge to strutting around. All the way to seeing the connection just simply phase out, one less text back and just enough to make me think “I thought things were going good”. Perhaps it’s the conveniences that dating apps have bestowed upon us. Maybe they’re just onto the next on demand romance from the catalog. These apps are tools and I am a tool that comes with the app. I share the feeling of being minimized and objectified by a hookup. Life goes on with or without another swipe. 
[Yes, I am in fact banned from tinder. Long story short, putting your paypal link in your bio is not a joke according to tinder guide lines.]
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